Quality replacement Laser & IPL parts

We are experts in sourcing high quality replacement parts that can extend the life of equipment and the working assemblies. We have a quality control system to track the life of components and identify any improvements or anomalies. These parts can range from flashlamps, reflectors, filters, waveguides, lightguides, mirrors to mechanical parts such as cooling sytems, electronics and computers.

We are increasingly asked to repair obscure equipment, where the manufacture, agent or supplier has gone out of business or running costs are prohibitive. In this instance we require samples to identify the components required.

Plasmalite Lamp

Plasmalite Filter
Glass Luxano Plasmalite Filters

We only sell the highest quality Plasmalite filters with a guaranteed life of at least 10,000 shots which often last to more than 20,000. After extensive research we only sell our carefully manufactuered glass filters and do not sell the ones made of inferior plastic. Plastic filters invariably melt and can cause problems with contaminating the lightguide which reduces output and ruins the glass.

Call us for more information or to request a sample from us.

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