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Having your Laser and IPL equipment serviced or repaired can come at a huge price and many people are not aware that you are not obligated to go through the equipment manufacturer. If you're currently looking for a reliable company to refurbish applicators then look no further, this also applies if you have an expensive contract with your current supplier and are looking for high quality on a pay as you go basis.

We understand how expensive Intense Pulsed Light Systems can cost to run and we can advise you how to get the longest life out of your product and therefore reduce your overall running costs.

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What goes into our refurbishments?

After sending us your used applicator in a secure package we assess the condition as found and the work required for restoration. If in good condition we carry out a standard refurb of a flashlamp, internal filter and ceramic reflector. If the glass light guide is damaged with pits or chipped corners it must be replaced first for client safety (cost advised). If there is any other damage such as split umbilical cover, poor water lines, burnt lamp connectors or broken parts they must also be replaced first (cost advised). The newer SPT systems have a counter board that may need reseting.

Is your service provider looking after you?
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Have you got broken umblical cover and exposed wires?

A broken umbilical outer cover is a sign that the plastic has become old and brittle and will need replacing. Exposed wires and coolant lines is undesirable as they may become worn and give an electric shock. We replace old umbilical lines and water lines as required for safety and aesthetic reasons. It is often easier to replace both umbilical and water lines at once when the applicator is disassembled. The nominal cost is £150+VAT and the repair should last several more years of continued use.

Is there algae growing inside your IPL?

Algae contamination is a serious problem as it severely compromises the cooling system by blocking filters and coating optics. All water lines become coated with slime and leads to severely reduced applicator life. Algae is introduced as spores from bad water or from another service provider. We take great care in sterilizing applicators as they come in and if the applicator is obviously bad then replace water lines to new black tubing which severely reduces the problem. Nominal price is £100+VAT. We advise the client that the machine also needs servicing and if required replace all internal water lines. The problem can be reduced by shielding exposed water lines from the sun and keeping water containers in the dark. Unlike some service providers we are proactive in preventing problems that can cause breakdowns and poor applicator performance.

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Burnt pins can destroy your machine!

We have identified a burnt pin problem that can literally destroy the machine and all applicators. Once the applicator plug pins become burnt, the socket is also destroyed which further damages all other applicators. Often there will be unexplained costly simmer power supply failures. Although we can replace complete electrical applicator harness assemblies, it is not cost effective to replace the socket as these are unique. Literally if you have this problem then consider replacing the machine!

We source the highest quality components

Unlike most companies out there we have invested lots of time testing various combinations of applicator components to extend the shot life for our users. Quality is the aim of the game for us at Photronics and we are saddened to see large supposedly respectable companies charging a premium for leaving in degraded parts to save themselves money. We guarantee our lamps will last at least 12,000 shots depending on which skin types are treated. It is not uncommon for lamps used on dark skin tones to last up to 4 times longer. We sterilise the water lines to prevent algae cross contamination because otherwise it could severely compromise the cooling system in the machine.

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quality control

Before your applicators leave the door for shipment a final output calibration, leak and function test is carried out on a calibrated machine. Applicators are returned in a secure foam box by a priority delivery service.

What other people think of our services

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us and we aim to keep our customers happy from all over the world. Below are just a handful of testimonials from satisfied customers who are glad they found us.

We use Photronics for our Ellipse applicator refurbs and technical services on a regular basis as they provide good workmanship and quality advice.

Laura Murphy
Advanced Laser Light
Dublin, Cork & Limerick, Ireland
We buy unwanted applicators

We're currently looking for spare Ellipse applicators in any condition, new or old. Your Ellipse machine might have came with a few spare handpieces which you may have found haven't even been used in a long time.
We can turn these spares into cash or if you wish you can part exchange them as credits towards all kinds of services and products from Photronics.

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We buy old applicators
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